The Secret to Finally Put an End To Your Dog's Naughty Behaviors... And Get Them To Listen!

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Get Your Rowdy, Reactive NAUGHTY Dog to STOP Misbehaving and START Acting Like a

Dream Dog!​

Is Your Dog Struggling with Any of the Following Frustrating Behaviors?

  • Jumping on you or your guests

  • Pulling on the leash while out on walks

  • Not Following Your Directions on Command

  • Having Total Disregard for Anything You Ask Your Dog to Do

  • Barking their heads off even after you tell them to stop

  • Not Coming to You When You Call Them

  • Chewing or biting you or your belongings

  • Having Accidents In The House

If So You're Not Alone...​

Bad behaviors are the most common frustrations dog owners have with their pets, and thousands of other dog owners are struggling with the same frustrating problems you are!​

Thankfully, there is a solution to these overwhelming and sometimes dangerous problems. And it begins with learning how to speak to your dog.


It doesn’t matter if your dog is only 10-weeks-old or 10 years...your dog CAN learn to control his behavior so you can finally connect with him and get him to come to you and listen when you ask for other commands too.  I’m going to teach you the most fun, effective, and gentle way to train your dog.

This program will turn your nightmare dog into a blissful dream dog…

  • Even if you've tried big box store training classes before

  • Even if your dog seems resistant to every command you’ve ever tried to give him

  • Even if your dog has chewed through furniture, shoes, cabinet doors

  • Even if you’ve spent hours trying to glean training tips from YouTube videos

  • Even if your dog is “mature” in years and it feels like it may be too late

The Solution To Your Dogs Naughty Behaviors

I’ve put together fun and engaging training exercises ​that will help your dog:

  • Develop amazing manners

  • Learn great listening skills

  • How to come when called

  • Learn how to politely say "hi" without jumping, barking or using paws

  • Avoid distractions going on around him

And I also included worksheets, training charts and checklists are included

These training games will give you the foundation to overcome any behavior problem you may run into with your dog–like running away when not on a leash or tuning you out when you ask him to to something—and instead you will know the best way to keep your dog focused on you no matter what is going on.


Without training you could be looking at costly and dangerous behaviors like chewed furniture, shoes or belongings, and expensive Vet bills from injuries your dog got from getting hit by a car or having to remove items from your dog's tummy after they ate something they weren't supposed to! 

Of course, if you have a good dog already, then way to go!–by teaching these games and  exercises, you’ll prevent problems from occurring in the future…


Once you learn how to incorporate these training exercises, games and skills into everyday situations it will make owning your dog a breeze. No more frustrations, worry or overwhelm! 

My Story and How I Can Help You

Hi, I'm Michele Lennon

I was once in your shoes and frustrated by my dog's naughty behaviors. My dog, Bear, used to be an embarrassment  anytime I took him out in public. He would pull on the leash, act like a wild child when he saw another dog he wanted to play with and tuned me out when I called him to come.


Bear's bad behavior was what led me to becoming a certified dog trainer. After learning how to get him to be calm and respectful, I fell in love with the excitement of training my dog successfully. 


Fast forward 20 years to today, and I have taught thousands of people with every kind of dog breed and size and with all kinds of behavior troubles, to train their dogs to be well behaved not only at home but out in public, come when called, follow commands quickly, and stop all those bad behaviors!

Introducing: The Complete Dream Dog TraininProgram

After years of working with thousands of people in person, and helping them train their dogs to be well mannered and attentive listeners, I knew there was an even better way to deliver my proven training techniques to even more people who wanted to fix their dog's bad behaviors fast!


I wanted to offer dog owners the opportunity to train on their terms, their schedule and from the comfort of their home without sacrificing value. 


That's why I've take 20 years of knowledge and put it into an easy to learn and watch video format. Video is the best way for you to see the techniques I use and be able to replay them when you need. 



The Simple, Engaging & PROVEN SOLUTION To Help You Overcome ALL Of The Frustrating BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS You're Facing Right Now…​ 

Here's a taste of what you'll learn...

The Program Comes With Everything You See Below

  • Module 1: holds the foundation keys to getting your dog to tune in each time you call their name or you want them to pay attention to you and avoid distractions going on all around them. You'll also learn how your dog's brain works and how consistency in your home can accelerate your dog's learning process. Lastly, this module covers the different ways to exercise your dog and how much is right for your dog's age and size.

  • Module 2: you'll learn about the intro to the essential cues such as sit, stay and the release word (from stay). We'll also start the first game to teach our dogs to come closer when a hand reaches toward them. This skill will be used when you work on the recall or come command in future lessons. You will also learn step one to stopping your dog from pulling on the leash. You'll want to teach your dog all about manners while walking nicely next to you instead of lunging and pulling. 

  • Module 3: you're going to start building off the essential cues while working on the down cue and down and stay combo while adding distance, distraction and duration to your stay practice. You will learn the game "close to me is the best place to be." This game teaches your dog that staying near you is better than wondering off or pulling on the leash.

  • Module 4: is where you'll start to test your dog's skill level while increasing difficulty of when and where you ask for cues and commands. You'll learn to teach your dog how to "leave it" as well as how to automatically sit at your side with distractions. You'll play a "Wall Walk" game to teach your dog to stay next to you on walks. Lastly, the recall fun continues when you learn the 2nd recall game "The Sling Shot." In this game you'll learn how to get our dog to go crazy about running to you no matter what's going on all around him/her!

  • Module 5: starts the intermediate skills section of the program. You'll learn the fun "Figure 8" game to increase your dog's focus on you while walking nicely next to you. Safety at the door is a must no matter who comes through or goes out. You'll teach your dog to stop and wait instead of bolting out and running away. You and your dog will learn the right way to meet and greet people and other dogs with manners instead with paws and barking. Lastly, the 3rd game in the recall series, "Pass The Pup" will help you build an even better "come" cue.

  • Module 6: contains the "Drop It", "Go to your spot, bed or place" cue, and the last recall game "Come and Go." By the end of this module you will have a rock solid understanding of how to train your dog to do just about anything. Inside the program you'll have learned all about proper timing, hand placement and reward value for each cue or behavior. You'll be able to teach your dog new tricks, skills and commands with all the knowledge you will have gained throughout this course. 

You'll ALSO learn...

  • Potty Training, learn the fastest way to get your dog to stop having accidents in the house and signal to your they need to go outside!

  • Crate Training, teach your dog to love their crate and avoid the barking, crying, whining and meltdowns when it's time to put your pup in their crate!

  • Curb Naughty Behaviors, discover the top tips to stop your dog from jumping, barking, chewing, nipping, digging and pulling on the leash!

  • Cues and Commands, watch the best way to introduce each new cue to your dog and get reliable results; sit, down, stay, leave it, off, come, and more...

  • And MUCH more...

Access the Training Videos On Your Schedule!
No Need to Take Notes in a Classroom

Watch, Pause, Rewind, and Watch the Videos Again...

And ALL of this is available

24/7 On Any Of Your Devices

The Complete Dream Dog Program is an online classroom where you can access training videos and lessons from any device; PC, tablet or smartphone. 


It's like having your very own EXPERT dog trainer right there in your living room walking you though each step you'll need, to get your dog to listen, respond and behave. 

The Complete Dream Dog Program Is Easy, Fun And Works For ALL BREEDS of ALL SIZES!

  • Many other dog training programs cost a ton of money and don't get you the results you're looking for.  The Complete Dream Dog Program will give you PROVEN techniques that you can learn, step-by-step, to get successful results.

  • ​The online training videos are available 24/7 and will work for any BREED no matter what SIZE! Your dog will enjoy spending time learning with you.

  • All your training solutions are in this course. NO need to search all over the internet for answers to solve each of your dog's behavior problems. 

Don't Take My Word For It!

Here's what some of my students are saying...

We both learned a lot from Michele. Today Charlie is a well behaved pup. His leash skills are great! Michele helped come up with some ways to get him to come to me while he was playing with other dogs and it was time to leave.


Mary B.

Michele is a wonderful trainer. She is thoughtful and precise and she conveys all of that to pets and their owners alike. She demonstrated the need for consistency and explained the logic behind much of the training that will help me to be a better trainer.

Donna H.

"Michele did a tremendous job in a very short period of time (6 classes) training both US and GINGER!!! Yes we both needed the training!!! Even when our relatives come to visit they notice a major difference in Ginger. She is much calmer and well mannered."

Eileen B.

And When You Sign Up, I Want To Make Sure That You Are Successful...

That’s why I’ve included these 



Weekly Group Coaching (Value: $150)

Each week you'll get to join our weekly group coaching calls where you can ask for solutions to your dog's specific problems. You'll also learn about more advance techniques, games and activities to do with your dog in between modules and homework. 


Private Facebook Group (Value: $175)

In this private Facebook group you'll get to ask all your puppy training questions, have access to helpful training tips and tricks and receive additional support and accountability while you connect with dog owners just like you working on navigating the path to puppy success. 


The Dog Owner's Manual (Value: $25)

If you’re dealing with frustration as you raise your pup but you want a well behaved dream dog without all the hassle, this is for you. (33-page PDF)​​



Try it RISK FREE for 30 days

Comes with 100% money 

back guarantee.

About the Trainer

Michele Lennon is a certified trainer with close to twenty years of training experience. She's a passionate teacher who loves to help students raise the dog of their dreams. She has started and grown 4 successful pet services businesses over the last 20 years.


She's owned an operated training and boarding facilities, a grooming salon and a exercise gym specially designed for dogs. She is an education junkie and loves to learn everything she can and then share that with her students. Michele loves to teach group classes, webinars, and online courses to dog owners looking for tips and tricks to training their dream dog(s).


When she’s not teaching she can be found outdoors hiking, gardening or spending time with family.