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The Potty Train Your Puppy Fast Program

  • [ BONUS] #1 Cheat Sheets

    Simple easy to read notes in PDF format all about the best tips to potty train your puppy fast. Includes the common mistakes to avoid, supply list, medical concerns and things you should never ever do if you want to quickly potty train your puppy!


  • [ BONUS] # 2:

    Puppy Schedule

    Take the guess work out of your puppy's daily schedule. This schedule includes the times and activities your pup should be doing all throughout the day, including potty trips outside, naps and meal times. 

  • [ BONUS] # 3:

    Potty Training Chart

    Keep yourself from going crazy, with this potty chart. List out what happened and when it happened. Use the chart to keep notes when you take your pup outside. You'll start to see a pattern form which will help you start to take your pup out on a better schedule. Great for homes where other family members are helping with training. 

  • [ BONUS] # 4:

    Potty Bell Training Lesson

    This lesson, which is delivered to you separately via email, will teach your puppy how to ring a set of potty bells so your puppy can signal to you when they need to go out. Bell training helps take the guess work out, when your puppy needs to go potty outside!


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