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Complete Dream Dog

  • Bonus 1: New Pet Parent Cheat Sheets

    This 14 page guide will get you started on the right paw and teach you all about the do's and don'ts of puppy parenting!

  • Bonus 2: The Dog Owner's Manual

    If you’re dealing with frustration as you raise your pup but you want a well behaved dream dog without all the hassle, this is for you.

  • Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group

    In this private Facebook group you'll get to ask all your puppy training questions, have access to helpful training tips and tricks and receive additional support and accountability while you connect with pet parents just like you working on navigating the path to puppy success. 

  • Bonus 4: Supplies Checklist

    Have you ever wondered if you've got all the right stuff to raise a well behaved dog? The Supplies Checklist is a must have when you bring home any new dog!

  • Bonus 5: 1:1 Video Coaching Session

    Everybody looking to accelerate their dog's training needs must have access to this extra special Bonus! During our one on one coaching session we will discuss a plan of attack to wash away any overwhelm or frustration and get your dog to be the best dream dog on the block!


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